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Did you recently go through the ordeal of having a root canal? Well, the worst might not be over yet. Thus, if you are experiencing tooth pain after a root canal, we will give you a few reasons.

Why Do I Have Tooth Pain After Root Canal?

Experiencing minor tooth pain after a root canal procedure is normal. However, if you have severe pain or pain weeks after a root canal, you might have a complication due to the procedure. You might be experiencing pain because of:

  • Infection

Your endodontist performs the root canal procedure to treat or remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Although, it is possible that there are bacteria still present inside your tooth. Not only this, bacteria can work their way around your tooth filling, especially if a filling leaks. Toothache is one of the signs of infection after a root canal. Therefore, if you feel pain in your tooth after a root canal, you might have an infection.

  • Filling or Crowns That Are Oversized

After removing the infected pulp, your dentist fill the empty space with a dental filling. Sometimes, they attach a crown to the weakened tooth. If the crown or filling is oversized, it can result in severe toothache. Your tooth will sit higher due to too much filling, which will cause pain when you bite down. An oversized crown might add pressure on the opposite tooth, resulting in pain.

Your endodontist can easily fix this issue by making the necessary adjustments.

  • A Missed Canal

Sometimes, like in the case of molars, your dentist might miss an infected canal. There are multiple canals, and it might be hard for them to detect them all. In such instances, a missed canal can cause pain after your root canal procedure is supposedly done. As a result, when something hot, cold, or acidic touches your tooth, it can lead to pain.

  • Tissue Damage

The surrounding tissue might get damaged due to the endodontist treatment. It can happen for a number of reasons. For instance, bacteria can get to the surrounding tissue. Or your endodontist might overfill the root canal, causing the cement or material used to flow past your root tip. Another reason might be that the file your dentist uses while cleaning can get past the root tip and poke the tissue. All of these can result in tooth pain after a root canal.

Why Root Canal Tooth Hurts Years Later?

If you experience pain in your tooth years after your root canal treatment, there are two common causes for it:

  • Root Canal Failure
  • Cracked Tooth.

The Final Takeaway

A root canal, or an endodontist treatment, helps treat infection inside your tooth. But sometimes, it may result in a few complications that cause pain. Thus, if you have tooth pain after a root canal, do not wait for it to get better – it might actually get worse. Visit your nearest endodontist or dentist as soon as you can. You can also consult our dental experts at Angleton Family Dental And Orthodontics at 979-308-4450 or schedule an appointment on our website.

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