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Many people complain of sudden tooth pain that seems to come out of nowhere. While many factors can make your teeth hurt, your dentist can help you better understand what you’re experiencing. Tooth pain is quite common and usually results from tooth sensitivity, infection, or a crack. Hence, continue reading if you’re wondering, “Why do all my teeth suddenly hurt?”

What’s the Reason All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly?

If your teeth are hurting, these factors could be why:

1. Extreme Temperatures

Enamel erosion removes the strong tissue that protects your teeth. When enamel starts wearing away, your teeth are left vulnerable to factors like cold and hot temperatures. As a result, all of your teeth might hurt suddenly due to hot or cold triggers.

2. Receding Gums

Your teeth stay in place with the help of your gums. Moreover, gums help cover the tooth nerve and roots. Over time, aging, gum disease, and more can lead to receding gums. This can result in exposed tooth nerves and roots, increasing the likelihood of gum disease and tooth infection. In addition, gum recession could also be why all your teeth hurt suddenly.

3. Enamel Erosion

Your teeth might be hurting due to enamel erosion. Eating acidic foods, improper brushing techniques, and other causes can harm your tooth enamel. Discomfort when eating something or due to triggers can be a symptom of enamel erosion.

4. Tooth Decay

Many times, people don’t realize they might have cavities until a sharp pain in the tooth occurs. So if your teeth hurt when you bite something, it can be a cavity symptom. Tooth sensitivity to sugar and extreme temperatures is another sign that you have tooth decay. Cavities can form when neglected tooth decay progresses.

5. Gum Infection

When you’re exclaiming, “all my teeth hurt suddenly”, it might not cross your mind that the pain could be due to gums. Yes, gum infection can also be why you have aching teeth. Many individuals don’t realize they have gum disease unless they pay a visit to the dentist.

6. Crowded Teeth

Teeth pain can result from crowded teeth, especially when wisdom teeth start to erupt. You could have discomfort in one or all of your teeth if they’re crowded. There are multiple treatments for overlapping teeth, like retainers, braces, etc.

7. Teeth Bleaching Products

Did you whiten your teeth using bleeding products? One of the common reasons all your teeth hurt suddenly is bleaching gels, strips, or professional teeth whitening. These treatments help whiten your smile but may cause minor tooth sensitivity for a brief period.

8. Cracked Dental Crown or Tooth

If you have a cracked tooth or dental crown, it could explain why your teeth hurt suddenly. In some cases, a minor fissure is not visible due to its size. Visit your dentist if you’re experiencing sharp tooth pain.

9. TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome can lead to aching teeth. Therefore, all your teeth might hurt suddenly if you have TMJ. Furthermore, this condition could also hurt your ear, jaw, and neck.

What’s Next?

If you’re complaining, “all my teeth hurt suddenly,” and can’t figure out why, it is time to visit your dentist. Our Angleton Family Dental team always ensures that your teeth remain healthy. Dial (979) 308-4450 to reach out to us now.

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