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Wondering How Dental Veneers Work?

Whether you've chipped or stained your tooth, dental veneers can help. They're becoming quite popular in the dentistry world. Still, they're relatively new compared to filling, crowns, and other alternatives. Hence, many people ask how do veneers even work. Carry on reading to get information on dental veneers. What...

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9 Possible Reasons All Your Teeth Hurt Suddenly

Many people complain of sudden tooth pain that seems to come out of nowhere. While many factors can make your teeth hurt, your dentist can help you better understand what you're experiencing. Tooth pain is quite common and usually results from tooth sensitivity, infection, or a crack. Hence, continue reading if...

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What Causes Calcium Deposits on Teeth? Can you get Rid of It?

Do you know what calcium deposits on your teeth are? Those rough patches or hardened, discolored areas on your teeth might be hardened plaque, tartar, or calcium deposits. It usually forms when you don't pay the required attention to your oral care. However, they can appear even if you take good care of your oral...

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Filling Fell Out of Your Tooth? Here is What to do!

Are you worried because your filling fell out? Even though fillings usually last long, many factors can affect their durability. A filling falling out of a tooth is not something to take lightly. Therefore, keep reading to know what to do if your filling falls out. Why Your Filling Fell Out If your filling has come...

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Flossing With Braces: 3 Ways to Get the Job Done

your oral care just because you haven’t got the hang of flossing with braces just yet. It could lead to Dental health issues! But, to help you out, we have mentioned how to floss with braces. How Do You Floss with Braces? You have braces to fix the alignment of your teeth and steer clear of the cons that misaligned...

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What to Do if Crown Falls Off?

A dental crown acts as a knight in shining armor for your tooth after it gets badly damaged due to decay or trauma. While they cover your entire tooth like a cap, dental crowns are just as prone to damage as your natural teeth, if not more. So if your dental crown fell out and you don’t know what to do, keep reading...

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Should You Wait to Eat After Filling?

Many people dread visiting the dentist, but it is not as scary as they assume. In fact, they are meant to help your oral health get better. Some dental procedures require aftercare, and you might have heard that you should not eat after a cavity filling. Your dentist will give you some instructions after your...

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What Are the Signs That You Need a Root Canal?

When decay reaches your tooth’s pulp, it gets infected and inflamed. Root canal refers to a dental procedure that removes and cleans out the decay in your tooth’s root and pulp. But how do you know it has extended to your tooth’s pulp? We have listed a few signs indicating that you need a root canal. Signs That You...

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Why Is There a Pimple on My Tongue?

Having a pimple on your tongue can be a cause of major discomfort. Usually, tongue bumps are not due to a severe health issue. However, just the presence of a bump on the tongue is not enough to make a diagnosis. There are many reasons they occur, and we have discussed some common causes in this article. Causes of...

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Why Are My Teeth See-through? What to Do?

Enamel loss has many symptoms, like see-through teeth. If your teeth look clear at the bottom, you suffer from enamel loss. Tooth enamel is a protective coat for your teeth. However, factors like an acidic diet, health conditions, poor oral hygiene, and more can erode it. As a result, tooth damage occurs due to no...

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How to Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda: Four Easy Remedies

Baking soda, chemically known as sodium bicarbonate, is an effective way to whiten your teeth. You might enjoy sipping your coffee and red wine and munching on sugary snacks. But did you know they play a major role in discoloring your teeth? Don’t worry, though; baking soda can help. Keep reading to get in on the...

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4 Causes of Tooth Pain After Root Canal

Did you recently go through the ordeal of having a root canal? Well, the worst might not be over yet. Thus, if you are experiencing tooth pain after a root canal, we will give you a few reasons. Why Do I Have Tooth Pain After Root Canal? Experiencing minor tooth pain after a root canal procedure is normal. However,...

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Is Alum A Remedy For Canker Sores?

A canker sore, generally recollected as an Aphthous ulcer, is a non-contagious mouth lesion. Such open sores are a great source of terrible pain. They typically take about 3 to 4 weeks in order to heal if left untreated medically. But why is there a need to wait? We have many methods or remedies to get rid of it....

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The Whys and Hows of Post-Filling Tooth Pain

Are you experiencing tooth pain after filling? A tooth filling is a standard dental procedure. When your tooth starts decaying or a cavity occurs, dental fillings come to the rescue. It is a pretty simple procedure where your dentist cleans out and removes the cavity after numbing the area around the decayed tooth....

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