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Laughing Gas And Dentistry – How Does Laughing Gas Help?

You have a dental appointment, but you can't get rid of those butterflies in your stomach. Some can feel debilitating anxiety before an appointment. However, should that stop you from receiving optimum oral care? We all know the answer to that question, but the anxiety is still there. Nonetheless, dentists have been...

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How Are Dentists Using Laser Therapy To Treat Cavities?

Some technologies are directly out of a sci-fi movie, especially lasers. If you can recall, many movies visioned a future that extensively used lasers in weapons and fancy gadgets. However, let us break it for you, the future with laser technology is way better and exciting than anticipated. One such example is the...

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How Can You Effectively Lower The Risk Of Oral Cancer?

Most of our emphasis is on maintaining good oral hygiene, a habit that can stop the advances of cavities, gum diseases, and oral cancer. Yes! Oral Cancer, although a lesser-known disease, but still exists and poses a real threat. However, along with good oral hygiene, changing some other habits can significantly...

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How Can You Manage The Habit Of Bruxism – Break The Routine!

A severe habit of bruxism leaves behind a critical impact on your teeth. Teeth grinding leaves behind your teeth with cracks and a flat base. Hence, patients with bruxism might experience eating difficulties. Moreover, the adverse effect is not only limited to teeth but also extends to jaw muscles. As a result, many...

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The Difference Between Canker Sores And Cold Sores

A few diseases can lead to sores in the mouth. Canker sores and cold sores are two common occurrences. However, many can mistake one for the other. Hence, it's imperative to know about these sores, what distinguishes them, and when you should visit a dentist. Canker Sores: These are shallow, white ulcers that pop up...

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How Can The Changing I.T Landscape Improve Dental Services?

Information technology plays a vital role in improving services worldwide, and dentistry is no exception. Therefore, with the integration of I.T in their practice, dentists can provide beneficial services. Along with better services, technology allows dentists to have superior data management. Therefore, we should...

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All You Need To Know About Tooth Infection And Its Symptoms.

Bacteria need a chance to invade our body, and they would love to reside in any part of our body, be it the hard tooth. Bacteria or other organisms usually infect the roots of a tooth, the gums, or the bone beneath. However, when a tooth is healthy, bacteria couldn't pass through the formidable enamel barrier to...

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The Mysterious Canker Sores – Is There Anything To Be Afraid of?

One day you wake with a stinging sensation in your mouth. Then, you rush to the mirror. After you flip your lips, you see small, open, shallow sores. These sores are often termed canker sores. What are Canker Sores? These are also known as aphthous ulcers. The occurrence is characterized by a shallow, white ulcer...

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Four Types Of Toothaches and Their Underlying Causes.

Pain is no fun and games because pain points out something wrong with your body. The sensation can range from excruciating to slightly irritating. However, if pain persists for a long time, you shouldn't delay your visit to a health professional. Thus, you should follow similar precautions if you ever experience a...

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Toothache Remedies That You Can Try At Home

Mechanical trauma like biting onto something hard or irritation of dental nerves are few causes of toothache. In less severe toothache cases, it's unnecessary to visit a dentist because there are several toothache remedies you can try at home to soothe the pain. However, if the pain persists for a long time or there...

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The Role Dental Archeology Plays In Exploring The Mysteries Of The Past

Your teeth can tell a lot about you. They are an excellent body part that changes according to our diet and age. Scientists and archeologists rely on these changes to trace down our ancestors' evolution in diet, migration patterns, and average life expectancy—all of that vital information from just a few prehistoric...

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The Effects Of Smoking On Oral Health: A Terrible Trade-Off

We all know how harmful smoking is. Government campaigns, educational texts, and warnings printed on the back of cigarette packs help create awareness among the general public. However, only a few people know about the adverse effects of smoking on oral health. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness causes people to...

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Compounding – A General Introduction, And Its 3 Creative Uses.

What is a perfect pharmacy? A perfect pharmacy tends to all of your medicinal needs. However, sometimes you need a medicine or a medicine dosage that is not commercially produced. Here compounding comes into play. What is Compounding? Compounding is a process that pharmacists use to create customized medications for...

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Digital Dentures… Should You Prefer It Over Traditional Dentures?

What would be a perfect smile without a shining pair of teeth? Dentures can come to the rescue and complete your perfect smile. Dentures are artificial teeth mostly made up of resin. There is a difference in the dentures' manufacturing style. Here, we have two contrasting styles; one has the traditional manufacturing...

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What is the Ideal Age to Get Braces?

There were times when braces were not so common. You must have heard from your parents that they barely noticed kids with braces back then. But, now the paradigm has shifted way too much. Every other kid or teenager has a mouth full of metallic braces. And now you would think about your kids and wonder the best time...

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