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The Role Dental Archeology Plays In Exploring The Mysteries Of The Past

Your teeth can tell a lot about you. They are an excellent body part that changes according to our diet and age. Scientists and archeologists rely on these changes to trace down our ancestors' evolution in diet, migration patterns, and average life expectancy—all of that vital information from just a few prehistoric...

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The Effects Of Smoking On Oral Health: A Terrible Trade-Off

We all know how harmful smoking is. Government campaigns, educational texts, and warnings printed on the back of cigarette packs help create awareness among the general public. However, only a few people know about the adverse effects of smoking on oral health. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness causes people to...

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Compounding – A General Introduction, And Its 3 Creative Uses.

What is a perfect pharmacy? A perfect pharmacy tends to all of your medicinal needs. However, sometimes you need a medicine or a medicine dosage that is not commercially produced. Here compounding comes into play. What is Compounding? Compounding is a process that pharmacists use to create customized medications for...

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Digital Dentures… Should You Prefer It Over Traditional Dentures?

What would be a perfect smile without a shining pair of teeth? Dentures can come to the rescue and complete your perfect smile. Dentures are artificial teeth mostly made up of resin. There is a difference in the dentures' manufacturing style. Here, we have two contrasting styles; one has the traditional manufacturing...

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What is the Ideal Age to Get Braces?

There were times when braces were not so common. You must have heard from your parents that they barely noticed kids with braces back then. But, now the paradigm has shifted way too much. Every other kid or teenager has a mouth full of metallic braces. And now you would think about your kids and wonder the best time...

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How To Make Novocaine Wear Off Faster?

Many patients are afraid of having their mouth numbed as part of dental work. Numbness is defined as an absence of sensation. While you may be grateful for a painless and comfortable treatment, you will likely want to make dental anesthetic wear off as soon as possible after your procedure is finished. Use these...

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What Foods Can Stuck In Your Teeth?

It is a naked fact that food gets stuck in teeth! However, some foods are awful than others. Below is a list of the top 3 foods that get stuck in teeth and what you can do about it: Popcorn: While popcorn is something very healthy to snack on, sometimes it can cause severe problems if even a tiny piece gets stuck in...

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Can Retainers Straighten Your Teeth?

Nobody is perfect, and that can be especially true when it comes to your teeth. Your orthodontist may have given you a retainer that you wore faithfully for a month or two before forgetting to put it in for a while. That is when you might notice some shifting in your mouth. And you might be worried about undoing all...

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So How Do Dentists Fix Loose Teeth?

Splinting is one of the most common procedures for stabilizing a loose tooth. The procedure involves attaching the loose teeth to neighboring teeth. It is a temporary solution that handles the problem for a few days or weeks. Splinting helps in healing the gums around the loose tooth and strengthening the ligaments...

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Decalcification after Braces

Decalcification commonly affects people with orthodontic devices such as braces. If you observe white spots on your teeth when you remove your braces, notify your dentist. After a certain point, the condition can affect your teeth by causing decay. Your dentist may stop your treatment if he or she notices white spots...

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Can I Get Braces on My Top Teeth Only?

A simple answer to the question of getting braces on the top teeth alone is almost always yes. This is a common issue among patients, as many people would like to focus only on their top teeth. Our dental experts at Angleton Family Dental will be happy to discuss this concern with you and make sure that you receive a...

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Is a Tooth Abscess Considered a Dental Emergency?

A tooth abscess is an infection whose primary symptom is swelling and pain. The level of pain and swelling determines if it is a dental emergency or not. However, if one does not take a timely treatment for tooth abscess, it will likely cause a significant infection in the jawbone. Tooth abscesses are dental...

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Learning about Silicone Toothbrushes

Some basics that make a toothbrush a preferable one are soft bristles, comfortable handle, and a head that holds the right amount of toothpaste. A standard plastic handle toothbrush with nylon bristles is the choice of many. But is a silicone toothbrush worth trying? And how does a silicone brush help in the fight...

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Botox for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause jaw pain and chronic headaches. Bruxism can also wear-out tooth enamel and cause chipped teeth and sensitivity. The main focus of teeth grinding treatment is to prevent dental damage, but using Botox for bruxism can effectively help to stop grinding in the first place. Botox...

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Should you go for an Oxygenated Toothpaste?

What does it take you to decide which toothpaste will go in your grocery cart; it is the flavor, or the fluoride formula or something else? Today the availability of a wide variety of toothpaste each formulated to answer different dental issues makes it a more complicated task. If you want to reduce the oral bacteria...

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