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A simple answer to the question of getting braces on the top teeth alone is almost always yes. This is a common issue among patients, as many people would like to focus only on their top teeth. Our dental experts at Angleton Family Dental will be happy to discuss this concern with you and make sure that you receive a perfect treatment plan.

Often when braces are used only on the top, there aren’t any changes made to the bite. Therefore, it is essential to receive a proper diagnosis, to make sure that by only receiving the top teeth braces, you are not worsening the bite at all.

All of Your Teeth

From an orthodontics’ point of view, it is best to get braces on all of your teeth at one time. This is important as having a full set of braces strengthens the overall foundation of your mouth.

Braces on the top and bottom teeth can help achieve the goal: to permanently restore any issues that involve the overall alignment.

It is quite reasonable to think, “What are the effects if I put braces on my top teeth only?” Although there is a slight chance of not achieving the desired bite adjustment goal if you decide to have a single set of braces, a skilled orthodontist can always overcome the challenges and beat the odds.

The Cost of Only Top Teeth Braces

The treatment cost depends on whether you get a full or a partial set. Or whether you get upper and lower, or just one arch. At Angleton Family Dental, the overall fee difference is almost none, because we believe in treating our patients to the highest standards.

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