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Category: Root Canal

Recognizing Signs of Infection after Root Canal Care

A root canal is a common dental procedure aimed at saving a severely infected or damaged tooth. While the majority of root canal treatments are successful, there are instances where complications may arise. Recognizing signs of infection after a root canal is crucial for timely intervention and continued oral health....

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Tooth Extraction Vs Root Canal

Tooth extraction and root canal are two procedures that dentist use for the treatment of damaged or infected teeth. The teeth may be affected by a physical injury, cavity, or due to some other reason. Though comparing tooth extraction vs root canal as a treatment can be a difficult task, diving into more information...

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Do you have a root canal failure?

Root canal offers an excellent treatment for an infected and painful tooth. The probability of root canal failure is very low, but somehow they still fail. If you recently have had a root canal treatment, then tenderness and soreness in the tissue around the root of your tooth are usual. But how would you know that...

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Need a Root Canal? Here’s What to Expect

So your dentist has told you that you need a root canal and you’re dreading it. You might have heard stories about the procedure, and these stories might have made you apprehensive. Well, the truth is that a root canal is actually a painless type of surgery that will help keep your teeth strong and healthy for years...

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