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Of course you want your children to grow up healthy and good teeth is just one part of that! But how do you get them started on a good dental health journey that will hopefully last the rest of their lives? Here are five tips.

  1. First Visit: When your child gets their first tooth, or has their first birthday, they should come in to see the dentist. It doesn’t need to be a full-blown appointment, but rather a check to see how their baby teeth are faring. Baby teeth are sensitive and early intervention is key to keeping them healthy.
  2. Talk Teeth: When you’re teaching your child about their body, include their teeth in that discussion! Just as you can tell them that their hands are good for picking up stuff, you can tell them that their teeth are great for eating. Make them comfortable with their teeth.
  3. Routine Brush: Teach them to brush their teeth, but make it fun! Get a soft-bristled brush and have them practice with water. If you can do it together, so they can watch you, that’s even better. Make it something you do every day at the same time, so that they’ll learn for the future.
  4. Be A Good Role Model: Talk to your children about going to the dentist and why it’s important. Even if you might not like going to the dentist, you can still explain what the dentist will do and how helpful they are.
  5. Pick A Good Dentist: Do your research and pick an office that makes you and your child feel comfortable. If you can bring your child in before their first appointment to meet everyone in the office, including the dentist, even better. You want them to feel at home!

Good dental health starts early, and by modeling good habits for your children, it helps both of you.

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