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What is a perfect pharmacy? A perfect pharmacy tends to all of your medicinal needs. However, sometimes you need a medicine or a medicine dosage that is not commercially produced. Here compounding comes into play.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is a process that pharmacists use to create customized medications for patients based on their doctor’s recommendations. It is performed under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

Compounding was a pharmacist’s way of life for several years until large corporations came into the pictures. These factories produced drugs in vast amounts. Furthermore, such medicines soon flooded pharmacies. Ultimately, pharmacies acted merely as retail sites for these drugs.

However, the art of compounding was not lost but merely forgotten. Soon people realized that mass-produced drugs were not the absolute answer. Some of the patients needed customized drugs suited to their own unique needs and conditions. Hence, such requirements highlighted the necessity of compounding. Therefore, many pharmacies nowadays practice compounding using modern techniques that make the process efficient and quick.

Compounding ensures a patient’s well being by taking his/her needs into account. It is indeed an excellent service to customers. For Everest Pharmacy, our customer satisfaction means a great deal. Hence, we provide quality compounding services. You can read about the services we provide through our website at www.everestpharmacygroupusa.com.

Reasons for Compounding:

For allowing alternate dosage: Commercially produced drugs are only available in a certain amount of dosage. Although there are variants available as small pills or big pills, sometimes the patient needs a non-commercially produced amount. For example, for infants, doctors prescribe drugs in small or limited amounts.

For the patient’s feasibility: Apart from an alternate drug dosage, a pharmacist should cater to patients’ specific needs. Few examples are:

  1. To make a drug more palatable, your pharmacist can introduce a sweet flavor or fruity flavor into the drug. A flavored drug is a great option for elders, kids, or pets who might otherwise resist taking bitter medicine.
  2. Some patients have allergies to compounds used to formulate a drug, such as lactose, gluten, colored dyes, or alcohol. Hence, pharmacists take these allergies into account and try to prepare an effective drug without these alergens.
  3. Due to disability, a patient cannot swallow a drug in the form of a pill. Therefore, for the patient’s ease, the pharmacist prepares the prescribed drug in a liquid or gel form. Now, the patient can easily swallow the drug.

For allowing access to discontinued medicines: Every now and then, some drugs’ production is terminated due to low profit or any other issues. However, sometimes a doctor may prescribe such medicines. Hence, in such cases, a pharmacist must develop such a drug.


The solution for all of the above problems is compounding. Through compounding, we meet our customer’s requirements. Better drugs mean better healthcare, and better healthcare is what we strive to provide. For your compounding needs, you can contact us at 281-566-2560.

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