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Misaligned teeth often lead to dental health issues. Your dentist can recommend different treatments for straightening your teeth, like braces. Many of us are familiar with crooked teeth. But what if only your bottom teeth were misaligned? Some people deal with crooked bottom teeth while their upper teeth are straight. Multiple reasons can result in this condition. Thus, you’ll require orthodontic treatment to fix crooked bottom teeth.


Why Do I Have Crooked Bottom Teeth?

Many factors can misalign your lower teeth. Usually, overcrowding could affect the alignment of your bottom teeth. However, there are other reasons behind your crooked smile.

Below, we’ll list a few causes of crooked bottom teeth:

1. Jaw Size

Nowadays, people have smaller jaws than their ancestors used to have. According to scientists, this could be why we have smaller jaws. Having a small jaw leads to crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth.

2. Myofunctional Habits

Repetitive behaviors that affect the functions and muscles of our mouth or face are known as myofunctional habits. If you indulge in poor myofunctional habits, they could result in crooked teeth. Some of these habits are:
● Thumb sucking
● Tongue thrusting
● Using pacifiers or bottles
● Mouth breathing

3. Malocclusion

An incorrect bite alignment occurs when your upper and lower teeth don’t occlude properly. Known as malocclusion, misalignments like overbite and underbite could be why you have crooked bottom teeth.

4. Genetics

You might have crooked bottom teeth if one or both of your parents have them. Overbite and underbite might also be inherited.

5. Dental Care

You should have regular dental examinations and cleanings to avoid issues with your oral health. Otherwise, problems like gum disease and cavities may go unnoticed until it is too late. Consequently, you might deal with crooked teeth, among other dental issues.

6. Facial Injury

If you had an injury to the face or mouth, your teeth could be knocked out of place. This will lead to one or more crooked teeth.


How to Fix Crooked Bottom Teeth?

A dental specialist can help you fix your crooked bottom teeth. After diagnosing the cause, they’ll inform you of the available options to straighten your teeth. Usually, braces are used to treat crooked teeth for people of all ages. Having strong teeth and gums is required to hold braces. Moreover, it could take a few years to align your teeth. The timespan depends on the braces, your condition, and more. Your dentist can answer your queries regarding the treatment, like do braces hurt?

For more severe cases, the dentist might recommend surgical options to treat crooked bottom teeth.

The treatment options include the following:

1. Metal Braces

Metal braces — attached with brackets, bands, and flexible wire — are an excellent treatment option for complex misalignment. Some people require a headache, usually worn only at night, with their fixed metal braces. These days, metal braces are more comfortable than before. Plus, you can even choose your favorite color for the rubber bands!

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are another option you have for straightening your crooked bottom teeth. Since both the braces and the archwires are tooth-colored, they are not as noticeable as metal braces. However, they might be prone to breaking and staining.

3. Invisible Braces

Invisalign helps straighten your teeth without being noticeable, as they are nearly invisible. In addition, your orthodontist can customize them to fit perfectly in your mouth. Nevertheless, they’re not recommended if you have severe tooth alignment. Adults and teens are eligible to use invisalign aligners.

4. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are quite a lot like traditional metal braces, except that they’re invisible and attached to the back of your teeth. Although lingual braces work, they are expensive. Furthermore, they’re hard to clean and might take slightly longer to show results.

5. Teeth-Straightening Surgery

Your orthodontist might recommend surgical procedures to fix your crooked bottom teeth. Depending on your case, you might have to undergo minor surgery. But, if your teeth affect your speaking and eating ability, you might need orthognathic surgery.


What Should I Do?

If you have crooked bottom teeth, visit your dentist for adequate treatment. Angleton Family Dental has the best team of experts who look forward to enhancing your smile. Call us at 979-308-4450. You can also drop by our office at our address: 1124 N. Velasco St., Suite C, Angleton, TX 77515.

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