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Decalcification commonly affects people with orthodontic devices such as braces. If you observe white spots on your teeth when you remove your braces, notify your dentist. After a certain point, the condition can affect your teeth by causing decay. Your dentist may stop your treatment if he or she notices white spots forming under the cosmetic treatments.

Preventing Decalcification after Braces

Many people start losing calcium in their teeth after getting their braces. This is because they don’t brush their teeth under the braces, which allows plaque accumulation. The portions of the teeth hidden by the orthodontic devices will usually have decalcification for this reason. To prevent this condition, you should take extra steps. Below are some tips to help you:

  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
  • Avoid eating and drinking acidic foods.
  • Eating a balanced diet can also help to prevent this condition.
  • Brush your teeth regularly.

Treatment Options

Fluoride Therapy

This simple method reverses decalcification with the use of fluoride. Fluoride therapy helps to demineralize the teeth. However, consult your dentist before taking any of these products since they can be dangerous when taken in large amounts.


This procedure involves the removal of the top layer of the enamel, leaving an economy of tissues. The procedure results are usually permanent and can offer considerable aesthetic benefits.


You can also try bleaching your teeth to hide the white spots. For the best and safest results, go for an-in office procedure.

Composite Bonding

This procedure does not necessarily solve the underlying issue, but it covers it up sufficiently. It mainly solves issues relating to staining and chipping of teeth.


These are thin pieces of porcelain that strengthen the enamel part of the tooth. Veneers serve as cosmetic treatments that help to recreate the natural look of teeth.

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