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It is a beautiful thing when you find a pediatric dentist who also suits the needs of the entire family. Different ages need different care, so finding a dentist who can take care of an infant, a senior and an adult is optimal.

Pediatric Dentists in Angleton Even See Infants

 Even infants need dental care. Before babies start growing their first teeth (which is usually 3-6 months of age) it is important to start brushing their gums, to set them up for good dental hygiene throughout their lives.

Before their first birthday, remember babies will be teething and may be uncomfortable. Some specialists recommend bringing your baby to the pediatric dentist prior to their first birthday. There is also a small chance of baby bottle tooth decay, which is caused from sugary drinks, so be sure to touch base with a pediatric dentist to prevent it.


Dental Care for Children

Usually kids lose their baby teeth around the age of 6 or 7. This is a very important time to be teaching and instilling good dental care routines. It is also an imperative time to find a great pediatric dentist in Angleton.

It is also a good idea for children to see a pediatric dentist from a young age because it will help instill a sense of comfort and ease while seeing the dentist. Some children have fears of seeing the dentist, but the younger they start going the more comfortable they will be. Also, encouraging kids to take good care of their teeth will help prevent cavities,which can start happening at a young age.


Dental Care for Adults

As an adult, it is imperative for you to take good care of your teeth. This means brushing at least two times a day and flossing as often as possible. Flossing daily will help prevent plaque build-up and the need for a deep cleaning.  It is recommended that you see the dentist 2 times a year for checkups and cleanings.


Dental Care for 55+

Seniors, or those over 55 years old, have yet another set of concerns as far as dental care goes. Taking care of your teeth throughout your entire life is crucial, since we are only given one set of permanent teeth in our lifetimes. As a senior, if tooth loss is an issue, it is a good idea to talk to your dentist about dentures. Gum disease is also a higher risk as you age, so flossing is even more crucial.


As you can see, dental care varies at every age and stage of life. Angleton Dental is your one stop shop for your lifetime dental needs, not to mention for your entire family’s needs. We are the best pediatric dentist in Angleton, TX and pride ourselves on our pediatric dentistry. We offer a variety of services such as general dentistry, preventive dentistry, oral surgery options, and cosmetic and restorative dental options. Call us at 979-308-4450 to schedule an appointment for your entire family!

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