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What would be a perfect smile without a shining pair of teeth? Dentures can come to the rescue and complete your perfect smile. Dentures are artificial teeth mostly made up of resin. There is a difference in the dentures’ manufacturing style. Here, we have two contrasting styles; one has the traditional manufacturing style while the digital dentures uses a more modern computerized manufacturing method.

So should you use digital dentures over traditional ones?

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for digital dentures over traditional ones.

1) Fewer appointments:
Getting a set of dentures is a tedious task. The appointments required for a complete fixture and adjustment can scale from nine to ten meetings. However, digital dentures can reduce the necessary appointments to half. Reduced time not only increases the feasibility of the procedure for the patient. Consequently, cutting down the overall costs for the visits.

2) Increased customization:
Traditional dentures often prefabricated allow limited customization in terms of shapes, sizes, and appearance. However, digital dentures are designed using computer software. Now, teeth are easily “photoshopped” to match your choice. Consequently, increased customization allows your denture to fit right into your face; nobody will ever know that you are wearing a set of dentures.

3) Almost natural:
Digital dentures are made using the dentist’s measurements. Thus, they sink over the gum perfectly in the first try without requiring a lot of change. Digital dentures will feel delicate and slim compared to the chunkiness of traditional dentures. The seamlessly perfect fitting of the manufactured set is the primary reason behind the reduced number of appointments. Now, you will need few post adjustment session with your dentist.

4) Increased Durability:
Traditional dentures usually made of resin are flexible; however, they are not as enduring as your natural teeth set. They tend to chip easily. So, if you accidentally drop your set of dentures, you might need to get a new pair. However, advanced manufacturing techniques make digital dentures more durable by lowering the material’s number of porosities.

5) Lost your dentures? Now, not a problem:
Losing a pair of traditional dentures can be a nerve-wracking experience. Now, you will have to go through the appointments, bite impressions and other measurements all over again. For digital denture users, life is much more comfortable; the relevant computations stored in computers are easily accessible. Hence, just within a few days you will get your new set off dentures.

Due to the immense edge which digital dentures provide, there is an increase in acceptance for the new procedure. However, there is still a long way to go before we completely switch from traditional dentistry to digitally integrated dentistry. Currently, in the US, digital dentures only comprise one percent of the overall manufactured prosthetics. The primary reason behind this might be the shroud of uncertainty around the process and the
lack of technical facilities required to manufacture dentures digitally.

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