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Root canal offers an excellent treatment for an infected and painful tooth. The probability of root canal failure is very low, but somehow they still fail. If you recently have had a root canal treatment, then tenderness and soreness in the tissue around the root of your tooth are usual. But how would you know that the pain is a part of the normal healing process, or is it something severe, a root canal failur?

How to know if a root canal has failed?

The symptoms of a root canal failure will affect the same tooth that was treated before or the nearby gums. Following are the signs that will indicate a root canal failure:

• You will feel pain when you bite
• Growth of pimple-like bump inside the mouth
• Soreness and tenderness
• Your tooth might move more than usual

Causes of a root canal failure

The failure happens because of the bacteria that remain inside the root canal, or it somehow re-enters the tooth after treatment. Some of the causes of failure include:

• Fractured or a cracked tooth
• Periodontal disease
• Leaked or dislodged dental filling
• Dental decay or cavity
• Incomplete removal of bacteria

Just like the other teeth, your teeth with root canal treatment can be a victim of tooth decay. Good oral hygiene is very important to protect your mouth against bacteria, which can cause decay. The decay can, in return, help the bacteria to re-enter your tooth.

One alarming thing to know is that the tooth with a root canal treatment does not have an active nerve; this means that if it is affected by the cavity, you won’t feel any pain. Therefore, it is important to take extra care of your teeth to keep them free from bacteria.

If you are feeling pain or tenderness around the tooth with the root canal, immediately visit your dentist and get treatment at an early stage. Call Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics on 979-308-4450 to book an appointment with us.

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