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Are you worried because your filling fell out? Even though fillings usually last long, many factors can affect their durability. A filling falling out of a tooth is not something to take lightly. Therefore, keep reading to know what to do if your filling falls out.

Why Your Filling Fell Out

If your filling has come loose, it might be due to one of these reasons:

  • There is new decay near or around the filling
  • You chew too hard
  • You ate something crunchy or hard
  • You grind your teeth, also known as bruxism
  • Your tooth or its root suffered trauma
  • A chemical reaction loosens the bond between the filling and tooth

What to Do If Your Filling Fell Out

The first thing to do is call your dentist. While you wait for the appointment, try following these steps:

  • Ask your dentist for suggestions on how to deal with the affected tooth. Inform them if you’re in pain.
  • Don’t throw away the filling; instead, keep it so your dentist can reuse it if possible.
  • Keep the area clean by gargling with saltwater. Take a cup of warm water and dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in it. After mixing it, gargle with the solution for a few seconds. This will help dislodge any debris and bacteria that can harm the exposed tooth.
  • Practice your oral care routine to care for the teeth. Brush very gently around the area to keep it clean.
  • Try not to eat from the area with your exposed tooth. Chew on the other side instead.
  • Get dental wax or temporary filling material to protect your exposed tooth for the time being. You’ll still need to let a dentist take care of it.

When You Have Tooth Pain After Filling Came Loose

Sometimes, dentists can schedule appointments for a few days later if they’re not available right away. They might recommend another oral healthcare provider if you’re in pain. But if you can’t make it to a dentist after your filling fell out, try these:

  • Take OTC Medications: Over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen might help lessen your pain and swelling.
  • Apply Clove Oil: Eugenol is a natural anesthetic, and it is present in cloves. This anesthetic can significantly reduce your tooth pain and sensitivity.
  • Use Cold Compress: Take an ice pack wrapped in a clean cloth or a cold compress. Then, apply it gently against the area of the affected tooth. This will aid in minimizing the pain and swelling.
  • Apply Topical Numbing Agent: A topical numbing agent might be effective in helping you numb the area to reduce pain. Ask your dentist for some suggestions.

Does a Loose Tooth Filling Lead to Complications?

Your tooth needed the filling because it was damaged. When your filling fell out, it left your tooth unprotected. This will make it vulnerable to more damage. Thus, it is essential to cover the exposed tooth as soon as possible.

The empty space left by filling can become a build-up spot for plaque, bacteria, and food particles. This can lead to tooth decay and sensitivity. Additionally, when the filling falls off, it might leave the dentin layer exposed. This tooth layer lies under enamel and is more sensitive. Plus, it is susceptible to tooth decay.

If your tooth gets more damaged, you might need another dental work. This includes a crown, root canal, and even tooth extraction.

What Should I do?

If your filling fell out, inform your dentist first. An exposed tooth might be susceptible to more damage. Our Angleton Family Dental experts can help. Dial (979) 308-4450 to get in touch with our team.

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