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your oral care just because you haven’t got the hang of flossing with braces just yet. It could lead to Dental health issues! But, to help you out, we have mentioned how to floss with braces.

How Do You Floss with Braces?

You have braces to fix the alignment of your teeth and steer clear of the cons that misaligned teeth have. Taking a break from flossing can increase your chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay. Yes, it might be challenging to floss with the brackets and wires obstructing your way. But you can try these to floss with braces:

The Good Old Traditional Flossing

You can use the traditional waxed floss to clean your teeth with braces, but it might take around 10-15 minutes. Start with an 18 to 25 inches long thread of waxed floss, standing in front of a mirror for a better visual. Threading the floss between the main wire and your teeth, move it along the sides vertically.

An effective tip on how to floss your teeth with braces is to move the interdental cleaner in an upside-down U shape while cleaning top teeth. So start by cleaning the sides of the tooth, moving to the gum line. Then make your way to the side of the other tooth. Make sure to curl the used floss in your index finger for protection against germs.

When you’re done, gently remove the thread. Popping it out might knock off the wire from the bracket.

Try an Oral Irrigator

Water flossers are among the best and most effective ways to remove debris between your teeth and gum lines. After filling your oral irrigator with water, stand over a sink. Place the tip of your water flossing inside your mouth, and turn it on.

Close your lips and allow the water to fall out as you floss. Make sure to direct the water stream between your teeth and gum lines to loosen any particles stuck there.

Once you have glided it over the back and front of each tooth, you can fettle brush the braces to remove any food that might have lodged there. You can use the device again to floss between your teeth and gum line.

Switch to Dental Tape

You can switch to Dental tape to floss for braces. Using it is similar to the steps mentioned for a traditional floss. The difference between the two is that Dental tapes are wider and flat in comparison to traditional floss, making it easier to glide between teeth. It is also a good option for people new to regularly flossing.

What’s Next?

Do you have trouble maintaining your oral health with braces? Don’t give up yet, as we have mentioned how to use floss with braces. It can be difficult to clean the hard-to-reach areas with braces. But you can use many techniques to floss your teeth, whether you wear braces or not. You can also conduct our Angleton Family Dental experts. Dial (979) 308-4450 to schedule an appointment today.

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