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Pain is no fun and games because pain points out something wrong with your body. The sensation can range from excruciating to slightly irritating. However, if pain persists for a long time, you shouldn’t delay your visit to a health professional. Thus, you should follow similar precautions if you ever experience a toothache. Different types of toothache indicate different kinds of dental problems. Thus, a specific oral problem is sometimes accompanied by a specialized toothache. Therefore, a toothache can help us learn about the dental ailment troubling you!

Sharp Pricking Sensation When You Eat Something Extremely Hot Or Cold:

It’s a classical problem faced by many because their tooth is sensitive to extreme temperatures. The pain is often sudden, sharp, and has a numbing effect. Furthermore, the pain might affect one or more teeth. When the tooth’s enamel wears down, the wear and tear exposes the sensitive dentine and pulp. The pulp contains nerves that trigger the pain when exposed to severe temperatures.

The eroded enamel has several reasons, such as cavities, tooth fracture, or loose dental fillings.

Continuous Ache Of A Single Tooth:

If you can point out a particular troublemaker tooth, then this is terrible news. Continuous throbbing pain in one specific tooth is a classic symptom of a pulp infection or a severe case of cavities. In the case of cavities, you can track the intensity of pain over time. It all starts with a dull ache, which eventually ends up in agonizing pain. Hence, you should act early as possible and visit a professional dentist like Angleton Family Dental for the best possible treatment. Without prompt treatment, you may end up with one less tooth.

Gum Pain and Swelling:

If the pain originates near the gum region, then you most probably have a case of gum disease. Gingivitis, caused by plaque buildup, is the culprit behind the majority of gum pain. You should get your teeth and gum cleaned because the situation will only move downhill. Hence, if you let the problem persist, it will transform into more severe gum disease, Periodontitis. Eventually, periodontitis also ends up with tooth or bone loss.

Dull And Persistent Pain:

This is another common type of pain with several reasons behind it, such as the impact of wisdom teeth, particles stuck in between teeth or gum, or teeth grinding(bruxism). The wisdom tooth tries to make room in the dental configuration, and in that attempt, the tooth puts pressure on other teeth, which results in a dull ache.

The stuck particle can irritate the mouth if you let it sit around for a long time. Thus, brush and floss if possible after every meal to dislodge such stuck particles.


You should not ignore toothaches under any scenario, as different types of toothaches act as an indicator of your oral health. Hence, if you ever experience such pain, don’t delay your visit to the dental office. Always prefer a professional dentist for an accurate diagnosis. You can book an appointment by calling us at 979-308-4450.

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