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In cases when your body reacts in abnormal ways to harmless things like everyday food items, medicines, or fragrance, it means that you are allergic to them. We all have heard or experienced things like food allergy or pollen allergy. But to hear about toothpaste allergy is once in a blue moon. Although it is very rare and you might not experience it ever in your life, it’s good to know about things because you never know who you might be able to help out.

Signs Indicating A Toothpaste Allergy?

You might sniffle every time you brush your teeth. It is probably a strong indication that you might have an allergy to toothpaste. The severity of allergy depends on your immune system and the ingredients you might be allergic to.

Chapped lips are another symptom that might indicate that you have a toothpaste allergy. It was found out that chapped lips were the most common symptom of this kind of allergic reaction. Although allergic reactions inside the mouth rarely happen you might also face rashness around your mouth due to toothpaste.

Allergens in Toothpaste

There are various ingredients in toothpaste-like fluoride, flavor, and fragrances that act as allergens. The most common ingredient that causes the allergy is cinnamon.


If the allergy symptoms indicate that you are allergic to toothpaste, the first thing to do is to stop using it. So switch to another brand and see if it suits you. However, it’s always good to see a dentist or doctor.

Call Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics on 979-308-4450 and book an appointment with us. Our dentists can perform an allergy test to diagnose the actual cause of your allergy and provide you appropriate treatment.

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