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Here Is A Guide About When To You Start Cleaning Your Baby’s Mouth

We know that your life will change when you become a mom, but this is an experience you will be proud of all your life. You must be looking to learn how to give your child the best and when you talk about their health, remember to focus on their oral health from the very beginning. Here is a guide about when to start cleaning your baby’s mouth.

Never Miss Out On Cleaning Your Baby’s Mouth

It is very uncommon for mothers to focus on their toddlers’ oral health, but you need to begin oral care from the month their first tooth emerges. Never miss out on cleaning your child’s mouth even before their teeth erupt; there is a risk of developing oral health issues and dental problems in the later years.

Regularly Clean Their Gums

You have been advised that start cleaning your baby’s mouth from the very first day. You can use an infant’s toothbrush or soaked cloth to wipe their gums. Make sure to do this every day and after every meal.

Is Your Baby Having A Bottle In Bed?

It is common to send your baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth because they tend to calm down with this and helps them to sleep. But did you know that this is not a good habit for them; because you expose their teeth to sugars in the milk; which will remain on their teeth all night until they brush the next morning? This leads to the development of childhood cavities and is famous as baby bottle tooth decay.

They Can Have Milk Before Bedtime

Let your child have a glass of milk before bed; as it will help them sleep and is also healthy for them. Just make sure to brush their teeth after they have had it to clean their mouth. And if they need a bottle in bed, fill it with water that is clean and healthy for them.

Don’t Skip Seeing A Pediatric Dentist

New parenting life can be difficult to manage and often chaotic, but don’t skip seeing your pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are experts in handling children and their teeth because they have had an additional schooling year to train for this. Ensure you visit them once every six months.

When Is Your Next Appointment?

So as mentioned here, it would help if you took your child to a pediatric dentist the moment you see their first tooth coming out; which is near about as they turn six months. And where else could it be better than bringing them in at Angleton Family Dental, where our specialists will take care of your child as their own. We are experts in serving families and taking care of their oral health and look forward to seeing you. Call us at (979) 308-4450 to book your appointment now.

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