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If you wonder why the roof of your mouth is bleeding, you must know that there is no one reason for this. This happens due to multiple reasons leading to the roof of your mouth becoming sore. Some of the conditions are not serious, but some can be very serious. Read further to learn more.

Torus Palatinus: You may be born with a torus palatinus, the growth of bone that appears later in your life. This appears on the mouth’s roof and can differ in size. It will be a small lump or bump. You do not need to treat it in most cases, but your doctor can treat it if needed.

Canker Sores: These can appear any time of your lifetime. These are red, yellow, or white, and you may feel pain or have difficulty swallowing. If needed, you will need to treat it, or it can disappear on its own in some cases. You can use an over-the-counter medicine and treat it at home. Rinsing the mouth and eating honey are some of the home remedies.

Burns: The roof of your mouth is a very sensitive area, and you can burn it very easily. Suppose you eat or drink something hot like a pizza or coffee. You do not need to go to a doctor for treatment as it will heal on its own.

Cold Sores: Cold sores are liquid-filled blisters that appear on your lips or the roof of your mouth. These can be contagious and heal on their own. Please do not touch them or pick them as it will lead to more cold sores.

Oral Cancer: This is one of the most serious diseases someone could face. It develops on the salivary glands, and you will see a lump in the mouth or a bleeding sore, pain in the jaw, or a sore that is not healing. Its treatment completely depends on the stage you are at when identified. If identified at the early stages, your doctor can treat you better.

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