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Information technology plays a vital role in improving services worldwide, and dentistry is no exception. Therefore, with the integration of I.T in their practice, dentists can provide beneficial services. Along with better services, technology allows dentists to have superior data management. Therefore, we should discuss two empowering I.T applications in the field of dentistry.


Imagine that for your next appointment, you don’t have to drive to the dentist’s office. Instead, you can virtually meet them over a video call. This possibility is not far-fetched as many applications and doctors are trying to make this dream come true.

Mode of Operation:

Mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones, high-speed internet, and an application are all you need for a virtual appointment. Most apps allow for video calls as well as texting services. Furthermore, you will be able to share data such as tests, reports, or X-Rays through these apps with your dentist. Similarly, using the provided data, your dentist will share your diagnosis on your virtual appointment. Moreover, for safe operation, most apps are HIPPA compliant as medical records are sensitive data.

Benefits of Teledentistry:

Remote access: Whenever possible, you can meet your dentist over a video call. Thus, this allows you to contact your dentist within the comfort of your home or office. Now, you won’t need a day off for your dental needs. However, there are limitations, as many check ups require an in-person visit. Nevertheless, teledentistry is a sweet facility.

More affordable: Video calls are generally cheaper than in-person visits.

Cloud Storage:

Every dentist has to work with loads of medical records for better analysis, and such a copious amount of data needs to go somewhere. Traditionally, dentists would have to invest in a computer system that would handle the data. However, what if a power failure corrupts all the data? All the hard work goes in vain.

Now, dentists won’t have to worry about all that as cloud storages sweep in to save the day and your data.

What is Cloud Storage:

Where does the “cloud storage” store the data? No, not in the clouds, although that would be cool. A super-powerful computer known as a supercomputer acting as a server stores all the data. This computer has a tremendous storage capacity. Imagine the whole setup as a web of computers with a server in the center. Additionally, the server can share its resources with other units, and in this particular case, that resource is storage.

Benefits of Cloud Storage:

Enhanced Safety: Often, the data stored using cloud storage is well protected from cyber-attacks and harm.

Budget-Friendly: Cloud storage is cheaper compared to investing in a computational setup. A dentist can now finance that saved money into other things, like modern dental tools, to provide finer services.

Easy To Use: Dentists can easily access the data anywhere through their mobile phones. Moreover, according to a survey, patients reported that sharing data through dedicated apps was more manageable than conventional methods.


The inclusion of I.T services in dentistry means better service, and Angleton Family Dental yearns to provide the best possible service to our patients. Call us at 979-308-4450 to book an appointment today!

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