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Most of our emphasis is on maintaining good oral hygiene, a habit that can stop the advances of cavities, gum diseases, and oral cancer. Yes! Oral Cancer, although a lesser-known disease, but still exists and poses a real threat. However, along with good oral hygiene, changing some other habits can significantly lower the risks of oral cancer.

What Is Oral Cancer And Its Symptoms:

Oral cancer is the cancer of the mouth, lips, cheek, and throat with varying symptoms that may go unnoticed first but intensifies as cancer progresses. Some signs of cancer are as follows:

  • Persistent sores and ulcers inside the mouth these sores may resemble canker sores – a reason why oral cancer is so sneaky. However, these last longer, usually lasting more than two weeks.
  • You will feel tenderness in your oral cavity.
  • Formation of unexplained lumps and swelling that makes swallowing challenging.
  • Unexplained and spontaneous oral bleeding with loose teeth.
  • Ear pain with no issues in your hearing.

Therefore, now you know some signs that can help you detect oral cancer. Consequently, it’s time to learn about ways to reduce the risk of oral cancer, so you will never have to experience these symptoms.

How To Lower The Risk Of Oral Cancer ?

1) Cut Down On Alcohol:
Alcohol is generally hazardous for your health, and being sober has its perks. Moreover, alcohol irritates your mouth with odds of developing cancer over time. Therefore, you need to limit your drinks per day if you cannot completely cut down the habit.

2) Drop The Cigarette:
Cigarettes are a leading cause of many cancers, not just oral cancer, so do your body a favor and try quitting this devastating habit. Moreover, tobacco can also significantly increase the risk of cancer. Hence, try to cut down on tobacco usage through chewing, smoking, or by placing it in your mouth.

3) Eat Healthily:
It’s time to make fruits and vegetables a standard part of your diet as they can help you fight oral cancer along with many other ailments. You can start by including these few foods in your diet.

  • Citrus foods like oranges and lemons contain vitamin C that helps you fight oral cancer, and boost your immunity.
  • Berries of all kinds also help resist oral cancers as these contain ellagic acid.
  • Fish contain vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids that could help you stay healthy and give cancer a tough time.
  • Green vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

Pro Tip: Try eating your fruits and vegetables raw instead of cooking all the goodness out of them. In case you want to cook them try mild cooking, baking them, or boiling them to preserve their potency. Besides, the same goes for fish. Don’t deep fry them but try their steamed and boiled alternatives.

4) Don’t Miss Your Dentist Appointment:
Try not to miss out on your next dental appointment as they can be beneficial. Moreover, a dentist can detect changes in your mouth due to cancer and diagnose it in its early stage. Hence, always go for a dental appointment, and you can book one at Angleton Family Dental by calling us at 979-308-4450.

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