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When dental troubles dull your smile, you can turn to cosmetic dentistry for treatment. Veneers are a popular choice for fixing tooth problems like discoloration, fractures, gaps, and more. Due to their effective results, veneers have gained much hype — but how long do veneers last? Is their durability worth the popularity they’ve earned? In this blog, we’ll give you the veneer’s lifespan and how to make them last longer.

What are Veneers?

Problems like gaps in teeth, the stained surface of a tooth, chipped tooth, and more can be addressed with the help of veneers. These thin shells look like your natural teeth down to the shade. Hence, your cosmetic dentist might recommend veneers to restore your tooth’s appearance.

How Do Veneers Work?

Your dentist won’t just call you in to place the veneers; first, they’ll assess your dental health to ensure you’re a suitable candidate. Then, your dental specialist will take impressions of your teeth in a non-invasive procedure. The impressions help create veneers customized for your teeth. Once the dentist has etched some of the dental enamel, they’ll attach veneers to your tooth’s surface. And, just like that, you will have your veneers in one to two visits to the dental clinic.

Dental Veneers Lifespan

After receiving your veneers, you can look forward to a bright smile for years to come. Your treatment will last for 5 to 7 years if you’ve received composite bonding veneers. And if you have porcelain veneers, they tend to last approximately 10 to 15 years. You can make your veneers last as much as possible by paying attention to your oral care regime.

You will not need to replace your veneers often. However, in case there’s an issue, your dentist can replace your veneers. This is because the procedure involves shaving some of your tooth enamel. Since enamel does not grow back, you’ll need to get a replacement if any issue arises with the veneers. Nevertheless, veneers last a long time, so it might take a while before you need to get new ones.

Tips to Make Your Veneers Last Long

With proper care and attention, you can make your veneers last long. Some tips that might help increase the lifespan of your dental veneers include:

Avoid Teeth Grinding

Do you have a habit of grinding your teeth? Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, it’s better to address this issue. Grinding your teeth can lead to dental problems, like worn-out tooth enamel. Furthermore, it can damage your dental veneers. In most cases, dentists recommend a mouthguard or night guard for teeth grinding, also called bruxism.

Follow a Proper Oral Care Routine

If you want your veneers to last long and stay in good condition, don’t forget to brush and floss! Paying attention to your dental care is remarkable in improving your oral health and maintaining your teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings can make a big difference in increasing the durability of your veneers.

Don’t Bite on Hard Surfaces

If you open packages or loose knots with your teeth, don’t! It’s habits like these that can wear away your teeth’ enamel. Therefore, biting on hard surfaces could affect not only your teeth but your veneers too. So if you want your veneers to last long, fight the urge to use your teeth as a package opener. Furthermore, avoid chewing on pencils or biting your nails.

Try Wearing Oral Appliances

If you participate in sports and similar activities that might result in an impact on your mouth, consider wearing an oral appliance, like a mouthguard. Doing so can help protect your veneers from cracking or chipping away, making them last longer.

The Closing Word

Dental veneers are a game changer in the dentistry world. Be it chipped teeth or stains on the tooth’s surface; these wafer-thin shells can fix your smile in a simple, non-invasive procedure. Plus, you can make your dental veneers last longer by following the tips mentioned in this blog.

Are you considering dental veneers? There’s no better place to start than Angleton Family Dental. You can meet our team of experts at 1124 N. Velasco St., Suite C, Angleton, TX 77515. Interested in scheduling an appointment first? You can do that by calling us at (979) 308-4450.

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