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Just like you witness oil or grease whenever you take your car to the service center for tuning, you witness blood during dental surgeries. Whether it’s a dental implant or wisdom tooth removal surgery, you are bound to experience bleeding after it. Though heavy bleeding is normal for the first 24 hours, make sure it does not go a long way as it might indicate something bad. Here are a few tips that you can follow to stop bleeding.

5 Ways to Stop Bleeding After Wisdom Tooth Removal:

  1. Use a Wet Gauze- Take a small piece of gauze and damp it with water. Then place the rolled up piece of gauze to top of the empty tooth socket. Then slightly bite down the gauze and hold it up to around 45 minutes to an hour. If gauze is not available, then you make use of a paper towel. Just make it wet, then fold and use it as a gauze. The bleeding should decrease by the end of the 60th minute.
  2. Black Tea Bag- Black tea contains tannic acid that helps to clot blood and reduce bleeding. Just like the gauze, you can do the same with a black tea bag. Before doing so, just make sure that the teabag is wet.
  3. Elevate your head- lowering down blood pressure helps to slow down the bleeding. To do so, lie in bed and elevate your head using pillows. Keeping your head higher than the heart lowers blood pressure.  
  4. Rest- For a healthy and peaceful recovery process, you must minimize your activities. Also, avoid all sorts of exercises as it might add to bleeding.
  5. Eating and Drinking- One of the most important points is here in the last. Many drinks or food items can harm your recovery process. Avoid sticky and hard to bite food items, instead go for soft and easy to chew foods. For drinking, avoid the use of straws as it might lead to ‘Dry Socket.’

If you have any questions related to bleeding after wisdom tooth removal or any other post-surgeries problems, call Angleton Family Dental And Orthodontics at (979) 308-4450.

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