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Thinking of spending your night enjoying your favorite movie, what else comes to your mind? Popcorn, of course! Popcorn is the favorite of all. If you, too, are a popcorn lover, you might also have hated the times when they get stuck in your teeth. It can be very annoying and frustrating, but is popcorn bad for your teeth? Keep reading to find out what is waiting for you.

Below are some of the oral health risks involved with popcorn intake, such as:

Cracked Teeth

Have you ever tried to chew unpopped popcorn kernels? If yes, then be aware and try not to do it ever again because it can crack your teeth. One of the outcomes of cracking a tooth is feeling pain when you are chewing. Moreover, a cracked tooth can also hurt if you eat or drink something very hot or cold. The pain might not be there forever and may come and go, but the absence of pain does not mean that it is not an issue. This means that you need a visit to your dentist because, unlike broken bones, cracked teeth cannot repair on their own.

Dental Implant Failure

If you have dental implants, there is a good chance that popcorn kernels can damage them and sometimes can lead to dental implant failure. When you bite on unpopped popcorn kernels, it puts the implant under stress, and with time the metal screw can weaken or even break.

Gum Abscesses

Another risk associated with enjoying your popcorn intake is gum abscesses. Unfortunately, if, by any chance, the popcorn hull gets trapped beneath the gums, it can cause tissue inflammation. If the popcorn hull sticks there, pus becomes trapped within the gum tissue, which can result in an abscess.

Do you have any questions regarding how bad popcorn can be for your teeth? Call Angleton Family Dental And Orthodontics at (979) 308-4450 and get help from our experts.

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