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If you are not happy with your smile or feel uncomfortable because of misaligned teeth, you might think of getting braces. When you visit your dentist, he/she will guide you regarding the treatment procedure, which might also include tooth removal. Generally, dentists try to avoid tooth removal because it is easy to perform braces work without it. But in some cases, tooth extraction becomes necessary for braces to achieve the pretty smile that you want.


Let us have a look at the cases where tooth extraction is necessary.


Overcrowded Teeth:

Some people have too many teeth to fit the size of their arch, jaw, or face. If the structure of your bone, facial features, and the size of your teeth stop you from getting a straight and perfect smile, you may need a tooth extraction.


Underbite or Overbite:

Some of your teeth might stick out abnormally, and moving them into the correct position may be very difficult. Removing some teeth will create some space and allow the remaining teeth to align correctly, giving you a pleasing smile.


Bite Mismatch

If you have a mismatched bite, your jaw may not align properly, and there may not be room for a full set of teeth. In such cases, removing one or more teeth will create a room for your dentist to work and give you an attractive alignment that you have always wanted.


Dental Impaction

There are cases when some of your teeth have bad conditions, and they are not good enough to be aligned. These teeth are severely diseased even though they may not appear right away. Therefore, removing teeth like these is important to save you from the pain and for the ongoing treatment.


If you still have any questions regarding tooth extraction for braces, call Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics on 979-308-4450.

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