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Some basics that make a toothbrush a preferable one are soft bristles, comfortable handle, and a head that holds the right amount of toothpaste. A standard plastic handle toothbrush with nylon bristles is the choice of many. But is a silicone toothbrush worth trying? And how does a silicone brush help in the fight against gingivitis?

The History of Bristles

It was the year 1938 when nylon was first used to make bristles, and this was when modern-day toothbrush came into existence. The softer nylon replaced the wiry boar’s hair bristles used in toothbrushes since the 1400s.

There are several reasons why nylon bristles are a better choice over natural hair, such as:

  • Nylon bristles are way more flexible than natural hair bristles.
  • The nylon toothbrush can be reproduced in bulk.
  • They are easier to clean and less likely to break off.

A silicone toothbrush replaces the nylon with silicone, or synthetic rubber, bristles. These bristles have the same size as what you might see on an ordinary toothbrush. They work similarly to a gum stimulator to clean between teeth while removing plaque from along the gumline.

Gingivitis-Fighting Potential

One major benefit of a silicone toothbrush is that it gently but thoroughly cleans the gums. Regular brushing offers advanced protection against gingivitis.

If you are careless about brushing and flossing regularly, your mouth may turn into a breeding ground for the sticky bacterial film known as plaque. If you don’t remove plaque from teeth, it hardens into tartar under the gumline.

Brushing Baby Teeth

Taking oral care at an early age is a good way to establish lifelong brushing habits. Once your baby starts erupting teeth, your dentist will likely recommend using a baby toothbrush. Using a silicone toothbrush also helps your baby cope with teething.

Brushing regularly twice a day is much more important than choosing a type of brush. Ask your dentist about the best toothbrush and toothpaste for your oral health needs. Call Angleton Family dental at (979) 308-4450

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