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Many people avoid the dentist because of anxiety. When you need to take care of issues that pop up or even just get the quality dental care you need, anxiety and expense for routine services shouldn’t be an issue. The right dentist will give you that quality dental care and then also make sure you can afford it. The following are all ways that Angleton Family Dental will help make sure you can pay for the dental care you need.


If you have dental insurance, getting the quality dental care you need won’t be a problem. Routine care can usually be performed without pre-approval from the insurance company. For major care, the dentist will make a plan, submit it for approval, and once approved the work can be done.


Many Medicaid plans cover preventative dental care and some costs associated with major work. If you have Medicaid, make sure to talk to us about how we can help you get the quality dental care you need


CareCredtit can be used to help you afford the costs of dentistry procedures and Angleton Family Dental accepts it. If you aren’t currently approved for CareCredit, we can let you know how to apply so you can afford your quality dental care


Of course, if you already have your own credit, such as a Visa or Mastercard, you can make convenient monthly payments on your quality dental care through that as well.

Cash or Check

Cash or check will always be accepted forms of payments for quality dental care at Angleton Family Dental. Checks have a limit of up to $500.

In-house Payment Plans to Get Quality Dental Care

If you need to arrange for an in-house payment plan so that you can afford your quality dental care, whether it be preventative or major in nature, please speak with someone in the finance department. We want to make sure you get the care you need and will work with you if we can to make sure it happens.

Getting quality dental care doesn’t have to be expensive. There are always options for affording the care you need. Whether you use the insurance you have, such as that provided through your employer or through the state, or you use a payment method available through CareCredit, your own credit card, or a payment arrangement through us, we want to make sure you get the quality dental care you deserve.

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