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What does it take you to decide which toothpaste will go in your grocery cart; it is the flavor, or the fluoride formula or something else? Today the availability of a wide variety of toothpaste each formulated to answer different dental issues makes it a more complicated task. If you want to reduce the oral bacteria on your teeth or want them to look a little brighter and whiter, consult your dentist about using an oxygenated toothpaste. Here’s why.

What’s in Oxygenated Toothpaste?

Oxygenated toothpaste usually contains hydrogen peroxide, which is an antibacterial agent. These toothpaste reduce plaque and halt early-stage gum disease, just like the other toothpaste.

So what makes oxygenating toothpaste effective?? The bacteria that cause gum disease live under your gums and in crevices around your teeth, where little oxygen can be found. The rise of hydrogen peroxide levels in the mouth releases oxygen, which damages the growth and colonization of these harmful bacteria. This is the reason why oxygenated toothpaste can positively affect your oral health.

The Right Whitening Product

There are numerous whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide available on the market such as whitening strips. As long as you closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the product containing hydrogen peroxide is safe and effective to use. Each product takes different time to achieve its desired results, so you need to be patient while using one. That is the reason you should consult your dentist to discuss which options are best for you.

An oxygenated toothpaste may be a good option for you whether you want to make your teeth whiter or to reduce oral bacteria. But first, ask your dentist for advice. Make sure you buy the most effective toothpaste for your situation. Please book an appointment with Angleton Family Dental And Orthodontics at (979) 308-4450 and get help from our experts.

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