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When you come in for a teeth whitening session, your dentist will ensure the solution is applied only to your teeth and not the gums. Even when the dentists recommend you any home whitening kits, they will inform you not to apply the solution on your gums. But did you know why do they say so? That is because one of the ingredients in teeth whitening solution is peroxide, which can be very harmful if it comes in contact with your gums. But you may then ask that peroxide is also an ingredient in mouthwashes, and we use it often. The reason is, mouthwash has a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which is safe to use for your gums.

How Safe Is It To Use A Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash?

It is all about the level of concentration of peroxide in the mouthwash. i.e., we all know how dangerous cyanide can be, but a small quantity same cyanide is applied to Californian almonds to give it a delicious flavor. In the same way, the concentration of peroxide is three to five percent. When using mouthwash, mix it with water which will even lower the peroxide concentration; else, if the levels are high, it may cause some irritation to your gums.

What Are Some Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Mouthwash?

Here are some reasons for you to consider using mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide:

It Helps Control Gum Disease: Hydrogen peroxide is one of the strongest antibacterial solutions the world has known; hence its greatest quality is to control gum disease. When you rinse your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash; it fights with the bacteria residing on your teeth and kills them. If you have areas your brush cannot reach, be assured that a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash will reach those spaces.

Helps With Canker Sores: Have you got oral injury sores? Then, rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash will kill the bacteria and keep the mouth clean and save you from infection.

Treat Your Sore Throat: Another benefit it has is it can help cure your sore throat. Soar throat happens becuase of bacterial infection. Rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash will help ease your discomfort and clean the infection.

It Will Whiten Your Teeth: The reason why your dentist uses hydrogen peroxide during your teeth whitening session is the biggest property it holds is whitening your teeth. Using it regularly will help you achieve a bright white smile.

We suggest you start using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash immediately as now you know the benefits of using it. It will not only clean your mouth but also help you treat a lot of unlying dental problems. But if you are unsure and want to learn more, you can visit Angleton Family Dental, and our specialists will help you understand everything you are unclear about. Call us at (979) 308-4450 and book your appointment.

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