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Splinting is one of the most common procedures for stabilizing a loose tooth. The procedure involves attaching the loose teeth to neighboring teeth. It is a temporary solution that handles the problem for a few days or weeks. Splinting helps in healing the gums around the loose tooth and strengthening the ligaments beneath it. If you have bruxism, your dentist will also recommend a nightguard after your loose tooth has been saved.

When does a Loose Tooth Can’t Be Saved?

If gum disease has done extensive damage, saving your loose teeth may not be possible. If your tooth has also been badly damaged, your dentist may have no other choice but to extract it. After the tooth extraction, you will need an implant or bridge to fill the space left.

Luckily, today’s advances in the dentistry industry have made it possible to save most cases of loose teeth. It is now much possible than ever to save your loose tooth. This is particularly true if you have healthy gums and make an early dentist appointment.

What to do With a Loose Tooth?

1. Give us a call

Give Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics a call and schedule an appointment if you notice that you have a loose tooth. We will advise you on the best treatment plan.

2. Leave your loose tooth alone

If you notice a loose tooth, give it some space. Do not push or pull it or wiggle it around with your tongue or finger. If your dentist told you that your tooth would need a removal, don’t think of it as a DIY project. Let professionals handle it.

3. Treat the tooth nicely

Do not bite into hard foods or surfaces. Avoid crunchy, sticky foods, and foods that tend to stick in your teeth such as popcorn. Eat only soft foods. It is also essential to keep the tooth clean by rinsing your mouth gently with salty water.

Final Thoughts

If you feel like something is unusual, do not gamble, instead, make an appointment with your dentist. Call (979) 308-4450 to set an appointment.

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