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The time you get your braces, you wait for them to get off, leaving behind straightened teeth that you can be proud of. After the removal of your braces, you might be happy with your straightened teeth, but you notice a slight discoloration on your teeth at the place of the brackets. Avoiding yellow teeth while wearing braces is possible. However, if you still get your teeth stained, teeth whitening after braces is the solution to your problem.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Most patients, including adolescents and adults, complain about teeth staining after braces. Taking care of braces not only ensures positive growth in teeth straightening treatment but also leads to healthy oral conditions. Teeth discoloration is not a direct effect of braces, but it happens due to:
• Plaque and tartar
• Improper brushing
• Taking certain foods, such as pickles, cranberries, and alcohol.

Stains are commonly caused due to the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is a layer of bacteria that form on teeth after eating and drinking. This bacteria combines with sugars and form acids, which erodes minerals from teeth and makes them discolored. When plaque hardens, it forms tartar, and once developed, only a dental professional can remove it.

Why go for teeth whitening AFTER braces?

Whitening your teeth before braces is never a good option. This is because after the dentist removes your braces, you would find discolored patches on your teeth due to brackets and wires.

Braces also treat crooked teeth. Crooked teeth overlap each other, which means that the whitening agent will not reach certain parts of your teeth. Teeth whitening before the treatment means that when the procedure is over, you will find a mismatch in the shades of your straightened teeth. Therefore always go for teeth whitening after braces.

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