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A smile is universal. It’s a language that everyone understands regardless of where you are or where you go. Angleton, Texas is no exception. You’ve heard that everything is bigger in Texas. Smiles included! Perhaps the easiest way to maintain your pearly whites and that bright smile of yours is by following the basic rules of hygienic care in Angleton.


Hygienic Care in Angleton

When it comes to caring for your overall oral health needs, it helps to develop a routine of healthy habits. Research suggests it only takes 21 days to establish a habit, so why not take the next three weeks and do the following every day.

Teeth Brushing– Ideally you should brush your teeth three times a day and/or after every meal. However, most people brush once in the morning and once again before bed as a minimum. Never skip a day. To be proactive in your hygienic basics, develop the habit of brushing your teeth regularly and often.

Tongue Brushing– It’s quite possibly the most overlooked area of the mouth. While we focus primarily on our teeth and gums when brushing, it’s important that we dedicate some time to cleaning our tongues as well. Using a tongue scraper is beneficial, but running your toothbrush over the surface works too. It’s only a few seconds that will make your breath more fresh-adding to your hygienic health in the process.

Flossing– Admittedly, this is the one area most people struggle with where oral hygienic needs are concerned. It’s probably the number one comment heard from dentist office to dentist office from Angleton and beyond. “Floss regularly!” It should be part of the developing habits. Floss at least once a day. Not only does flossing remove food that may be stuck between your teeth for aesthetic purposes, but it also encourages healthy gums.

Dentist Visits– In addition to basic routines at home, it’s imperative that you make regular visits to your local dentist. For general dental care, two visits a year or one every six months is typical. A dental hygienist will clean your teeth and assess any problem areas while the dentist will take a look for cavities and address any concerns. Once a year, x-rays are usually taken as a precaution to prevent any potential issues that may develop as a result of poor hygienic habits.

If you’re in the Angleton area, contact Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics for an appointment to discuss the basics of hygienic care.


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