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Gum disease can lead to bad breath and an unsightly mouth. As bad as those are, however, the potential health complications from gum disease are far worse. Two of the most common health issues associated with gum disease are diabetes and heart problems. How could your mouth have anything to do with diabetes and heart disease? Read on to find out.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

When someone has severe periodontitis (the scientific name for gum disease), their bodies might not be able to do as active a job of controlling their blood sugar levels. This could increase the chances of developing diabetes. The more plaque that accumulates in the mouth, the more difficult it will be to keep their blood sugar at safe levels.

Heart Health and Gum Disease

There are indications that a connection between gum and heart disease exists. Researchers believe that bacteria living in infected gums can get in the bloodstream, moving to other areas of the body. This can increase inflammation in the arteries, as well as the buildup up arterial plaque. If you have too much plaque in your arteries, that can increase the risk of major heart problems.

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Keeping your gums healthy can go a long way toward maintaining your overall health. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s so important to have your gums thoroughly checked and cleaned by a dentist every six months. Call Angleton Family Dental at (979) 308-4450 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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