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Tooth extraction and root canal are two procedures that dentist use for the treatment of damaged or infected teeth. The teeth may be affected by a physical injury, cavity, or due to some other reason. Though comparing tooth extraction vs root canal as a treatment can be a difficult task, diving into more information can help you choose the right option.

Root Canal

In situations when you have teeth with damaged, diseased, or dead pulp, root canals come to the rescue. The pulp is the innermost layer of your teeth and provides them with healthy blood flow. If you crack a tooth or develop a deep cavity, it can badly damage the pulp. Both cases are bad for your teeth and oral health as it allows the bacteria from your mouth to reach the pulp; leading to infection or swelling. It can even make the vital tissues of pulp dead.


Your dentist will numb the affected area and then make an opening in the affected tooth to remove the dead or diseased pulp. After removing the pulp, your dentist will make a careful examination to make sure no bacteria is left behind. After filling the pulp chambers with a special filling, a crown may be placed on the top of the tooth to restore its strength and appearance.

Tooth Extraction 

Sometimes it becomes impossible to save a tooth. It might happen due to a large cavity that affects most of the structure of the tooth, making it very weak for repair. The extraction may also be the best option if your tooth has a severe fracture.


To extract the tooth, the dentist will numb the area to keep you out of pain. Then using a special tool, your dentist will loosen the tooth and then finally extract it using forceps. During the extraction, you may feel some pressure, but not any discomforting pain.

The information provided above might not be enough for you to make the decision. Therefore, for more details regarding tooth extraction vs root canal, consult your local dentist. Call Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics at 979-308-4450 and get help from our experts.

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