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Mechanical trauma like biting onto something hard or irritation of dental nerves are few causes of toothache. In less severe toothache cases, it’s unnecessary to visit a dentist because there are several toothache remedies you can try at home to soothe the pain.

However, if the pain persists for a long time or there are other complications, such as fever, difficulty in biting, or pain while swallowing, visit a dentist as soon as possible. A proficient dental checkup can help identify the root cause of the pain and then treat it. Visit Angleton Family Dental and Orthodontics for any dental emergencies, or call us at 979-308-4450 for inquiries.

Salt and Water:

This power combo has antibacterial properties. In addition, saltwater can reduce irritation and inflammation. All you need to do is to mix a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of water. Then rinse the solution for about 30 to 45 seconds and spit it out. For the best result, try rinsing lukewarm saltwater solution. You can even gargle it for more than a minute to relieve a sore throat.


Clove oil or raw clove itself is an excellent pain reliever. Clove contains the active ingredient eugenol, known for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. All you need to do is dab a cotton ball in clove oil diluted with water and apply it to the affected area. You will need to use the oil about four to five times a day.
However, if you don’t have clove oil, a raw clove will work well. Gently bite down the clove on your affected tooth, and keep the pressure on it until the cloves disintegrate. As time passes, you will feel oil dripping down, and the pain subsides.


Garlic is another substance known for its antiseptic properties and was an essential part of herbal prescriptions for centuries. Crush the garlic into a paste and add some salt to the paste as well. Then, apply the paste to the concerned area. On the other hand, you can slowly chew the garlic clove to relieve the pain.

Peppermint Leaves or Tea Bag:

Peppermint leaves are also known for antibacterial properties and can reduce gum swelling. Boil the peppermint leaves in water and then let the blend cool down. Afterward, rinse your mouth with water and spit it out.
Alternatively, you can apply a lukewarm or slightly cold used tea bag. Press the teabag against the affected area until the pain lessens.

Vanilla Extract:

Vanilla Extract can also help numb pain, and it’s an efficient healer. Just soak the extract in a cotton ball, and then dab the wet cotton ball on the affected area.


Painkillers are the go-to treatment in almost every situation. General painkillers like paracetamol or aspirin can help reduce inflammation and lower the pain intensity.


Apart from the above toothache remedies, you can also use thyme, guava leaves, or cold compress to combat toothache. However, if the pain doesn’t subside or pops up again, some other underlying factor is at play. Hence, in such scenarios, it’s best to visit a dentist for a dental checkup.

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