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When decay reaches your tooth’s pulp, it gets infected and inflamed. Root canal refers to a dental procedure that removes and cleans out the decay in your tooth’s root and pulp. But how do you know it has extended to your tooth’s pulp? We have listed a few signs indicating that you need a root canal.

Signs That You Need a Root Canal

Your dentist can determine if you should get a root canal or not. But, a few symptoms occur when decay reaches your tooth’s pulp. You might experience the following root canal symptoms:

1. Constant Severe Pain

Your tooth will hurt severely if you need a root canal. The pain might come and go, and you might feel pain in your face, jaw, or other teeth. A sudden wave of pain can be due to an infected or dead tooth. Tell your dentist instantly whenever your tooth hurts, as it can signify root canal and other problems.

2. Tooth Sensitivity to Hot & Cold Triggers

Your tooth will become sensitive to hot and cold triggers like ice cream, tea, coffee, etc. Usually, you will feel a dull ache when something hot or cold comes in contact with your teeth. However, the pain will linger for a while, even after you are done eating or drinking. This might indicate that you have infected or damaged blood vessels and nerves in your tooth.

3. Discoloration of Gums or Tooth

Your gums and teeth might get a dark appearance if your tooth is infected. Tooth trauma and other causes can lower the tooth’s blood supply. As a result, the tooth’s pulp might die. Similarly, the infection can reach your gums and give them a darker appearance. Thus, tooth and gum discoloration are signs that you need a root canal.

4. Swollen Gums

If your gums are swollen near the painful tooth, it could be because you need a root canal. The swollen area might be painful to touch, although it is not necessary. You might also notice a bump or pimple on your gums, which is usually pus-filled.

5. Loose Tooth

Your tooth can become loose due to the acidic waste products from nerve death, as they soften the bone around it. Usually, a loose tooth is one of the signs that you need a root canal. Nonetheless, tooth mobility can result from other factors. Whatever the cause, it is always better to see a doctor when your tooth feels loose.

What Should I Do?

The treatment of root canal symptoms is, of course, a root canal. Many people wonder if root canals hurt. Even if the procedure sounds painful, nowadays, dentists use anesthesia which will ensure you feel little to no pain. Our experts at Angleton Family Dental can help if you experience the symptoms mentioned above. Dial 979-308-4450 to contact us now.

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