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It is a naked fact that food gets stuck in teeth! However, some foods are awful than others. Below is a list of the top 3 foods that get stuck in teeth and what you can do about it:

  1. Popcorn: While popcorn is something very healthy to snack on, sometimes it can cause severe problems if even a tiny piece gets stuck in your teeth. Those shells tend to slip between the teeth can lead to an abscess if not removed. Don’t pry around with your fingernail. Instead, try brushing and flossing. Once you get it loose, your gums might be sore, so rinse your mouth with warm salt water to prevent inflammation.
  2. Seeds: Whether it’s a salad, cookie, or a muffin, seeds can be anywhere. Blackberries and Raspberries are very annoying in this matter, as their tiny seeds can get stuck between your teeth and become nearly impossible to remove.
  3. Potato chips: This snack is loaded with starch and feeds the plaque inside your mouth. Even when you have removed the potato crumbs stuck in your molars, acid production continues. As an alternative, try lentil chips! They are healthy, crunchy, and satisfying.


Tips and tricks

Most people urge to use their fingernails or tongue to remove the stuck food particles, but be careful. If you are unable to remove it easily, continuing to use your tongue could irritate it. Other than that, digging with your fingernail could damage your gums or your tooth enamel. Try these tricks instead:

  1. Make it a habit of keeping floss with you. Go to the restroom and do a quick smile check. Floss will be your best partner in getting painful food pieces out of your teeth.
  2. Swish water around your mouth to loosen up food particles. You can do this tactfully during a meal or at a party without anyone noticing.
  3. Try chewing sugar-free gum to help unstick any stubborn food pieces. Plus, it’ll freshen up your breath.
  4. Can’t get it out? Don’t worry! Contact your dentist. You won’t be the only one to call for an emergency appointment to get a poppy seed out of teeth, so don’t be shy.


Causes of food getting stuck in your teeth

If you seem to get food debris stuck in your teeth frequently, something might be wrong.

  • There could be a gap or space between your teeth, or
  • Possibly a cavity is present, causing the food to get stuck in.
  • Periodontitis: can cause pockets in the gums in which food can get caught.

No matter what you are eating, as long as you are prepared with some gum, floss, or just avoiding some foods that can get stuck, you’ll be set to smile with confidence.

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