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There were times when braces were not so common. You must have heard from your parents that they barely noticed kids with braces back then. But, now the paradigm has shifted way too much. Every other kid or teenager has a mouth full of metallic braces. And now you would think about your kids and wonder the best time for them to get braces. Is it right to get braces during childhood or early during the teenage or early days of adulthood? Is there any age limitation? Keep reading to learn if there is any perfect age for braces or not.

Best Age for Braces

The point to understand is that there is no particular age to head to an orthodontist. Some kids’ teeth condition takes them for a dental visit at around 6 or 7, while others may go at the age of 10-12. Some kids only see an orthodontist when in their teenage. According to some dental experts, the right time to go for a dental checkup is when your child’s permanent teeth start coming in, usually when they are around 9.

Keeping that in mind, take your child for a checkup when you feel he or she needs it. If you notice crooked teeth or if your child complains about a tooth problem, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your family dentist.

Though there is no age limit to get braces, your child should have at least some permanent teeth when you get them ready for the treatment. However, an expert’s opinion is second to none; you may take your child for advice from a professional.

Is there any difference between the braces for kids and teens?

It doesn’t matter what the age of the patient is; braces are almost the same. The braces’ structure depends on the size, shape, and health of teeth and space in the mouth, so it’s different for everyone.

The only difference here is how a patient reacts to braces. For example, some teens might be excited to get and take care of their braces. While others may be reluctant to get them, feeling anxious about the way their smile will look.

Does the cost differ with age?

The cost of braces doesn’t differ according to age. What makes a difference is the length of time the braces have to be worn and how much adjustments they need. Generally, adults need more time with the braces because a child’s jaw is still developing, so it’s easy to move the teeth, making the braces take less time to work.

We hope you now have some idea about the best age for braces for yourself or your little champ. If you are up for a treatment, contact Angleton Family Dental and get started on the road to a perfect smile. To schedule an appointment, call us at (979) 308-4450 .

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