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When it comes to caring for the growing smiles of children, pediatric dentists offer specialized care for the smallest members of your family. Infants, toddlers, and even teens need specific dental care to help mature their teeth and gums into healthy, adult smiles. Special training is required to become a pediatric dentist, which ensures that your children get the best care for their budding smiles.

Education Requirements for Pediatric Dentists

All dentists must go through four years of dental school to become a dentist. However, when a dentist chooses a specialty, they must have additional training. For pediatric dentists, this can mean two or more years of additional training and education. The focus of this education is the specific oral health needs of children, from infants gaining their first teeth to teens getting their final wisdom teeth, and everything in between.

The education pediatric dentists receive is both in-class and hands-on. They take courses relating to maintaining the health of children’s teeth, as well as specific issues that pertain to children’s oral health. Children not only have specialized dental needs, they also require a gentle, caring nature. Dentists in this field must understand how to help children feel at ease when they come in for their dental visits. To accomplish this, pediatric dentists do residency training where they work with children to learn the best techniques in caring for young children’s oral health.

Services Offered by Pediatric Dentists

While most family dentists offer general dentistry for children, pediatric dentists have chosen to undergo extensive extra training to care for children’s smiles. This includes all children, even those with special needs or disabilities. They have experience working with children and understand their unique needs when it comes to dental care. Pediatric dentists also offer services that not all general dentists may have, including:

  • Parental coaching for caring for and protecting infant and toddlers’ teeth
  • Instruction for parents and children on oral health care
  • Caries risk assessment and prevention
  • Sealants
  • Special needs dentistry

Since pediatric dentists have the same education as general dentists, they can also care for adult teeth and perform all the same services. The difference is that they have more training that is directed toward the specific care of children’s teeth and making them feel comfortable while getting dental care. Choosing a pediatric dentist for your child’s oral care gives them access to the best dental care for their smiles as they grow.

At Angleton Family Dental, our team includes pediatric dentists that are dedicated to caring for the needs of your youngest family members. Call us today to schedule your first visit with us for the best oral care for your whole family.

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