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Enamel loss has many symptoms, like see-through teeth. If your teeth look clear at the bottom, you suffer from enamel loss. Tooth enamel is a protective coat for your teeth. However, factors like an acidic diet, health conditions, poor oral hygiene, and more can erode it. As a result, tooth damage occurs due to no enamel coating. This blog discusses what causes translucent teeth and how to treat them.

Causes of See-Through Teeth

Tooth enamel can erode over time if proper oral care is not maintained. The following factors can cause enamel to wear and make your teeth look transparent:

  1. Acidic Foods & Drinks People who consume acidic foods and drinks frequently put their teeth at risk of enamel erosion. Citric foods, sodas, candies, and coffee can boost enamel erosion, leaving you with see-through teeth.
  2. Acid Reflux Your stomach has strong, corrosive acid, which sometimes backs into your throat due to acid reflux. If left untreated, it can lead to GERD. The strong stomach acid can be the reason behind your teeth turning clear if you suffer from acid reflux.
  3. Conditions That Cause Vomiting Bulimia, alcoholism, and other conditions that make you vomit frequently are hazardous for your tooth enamel. These conditions can cause tooth discoloration, with transparent patches on your teeth.
  4. Enamel Hypoplasia If your teeth are turning clear, you might have enamel hypoplasia. In this genetic condition, a patient suffers from a lack of mineralization. As a result, they have thin tooth enamel and see-through teeth.
  5. Celiac Disease Some people experience difficulty digesting food, triggered by a small intestine hypersensitive to gluten. Although it may not seem like it, celiac disease can lead to problems in the development of tooth enamel. Dry mouth, recurrent canker sores, and atrophic glossitis are also symptoms of this condition. Many people with this condition will notice transparent teeth.
  6. Dry MouthDry mouth is common with aging, certain medications, diabetes, and other medical problems. Teeth become transparent when you suffer from dry mouth.
  7. Treatments

    Transparent teeth can lead to tooth damage; therefore, fixing them is essential. Your dentist might recommend any one of the following treatments for see-through teeth, depending on the enamel loss:

    • Bonding: A dentist might suggest bonding if the discoloration or tooth damage is moderate. Since teeth turning clear can affect your smile, it is also a cosmetic concern. The dentist attaches composite resin to the affected teeth, improving your smile while giving your teeth a natural protective layer.
    • Veneers: Dental veneers can help improve minor to moderate tooth discoloration and damage. Since they replace the tooth enamel’s natural shell, veneers help protect the tooth against enamel erosion too.
    • Crown: Extremely thin and weak teeth clear or chipping at the bottom require dental crowns. They are tooth-like caps that protect a weakened tooth and blend in with the rest of your teeth.

    What is The Takeaway?

    Regular dental checkups, a nutritious diet, proper oral hygiene, and many home remedies can help stop your teeth from going see-through. Clear teeth are a sign of enamel erosion, and they affect your smile as well. Therefore, it is better to visit your dentist if your teeth become transparent. At Angleton Family Dental, our aim is to improve your smile. All you have to do is dial 979-308-4450 to make an appointment.

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