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Having a pimple on your tongue can be a cause of major discomfort. Usually, tongue bumps are not due to a severe health issue. However, just the presence of a bump on the tongue is not enough to make a diagnosis. There are many reasons they occur, and we have discussed some common causes in this article.

Causes of Pimple on Tongue

Our tongues have small bumps on the front and sides, known as fungiform papillae. They are common and nothing to worry about. But, if you notice bumps that change size or cause irritation, it can indicate a health issue. Common reasons you might notice a pimple on your tongue are:

1. Lie Bumps Most of us have experienced lie bumps on the tongue. When your papillae become irritated and swollen, lie bumps appear in the form of red or white bumps. Although it is unclear why they occur, connections to stress, hormones, and particular foods have been made. They can clear up within a few days without any treatment. However, saltwater rinses and cold, smooth food might help alleviate the symptoms.

2. Canker Sores Canker sores appear on the mouth’s soft surface, including the tongue. They can heal on their own in up to 10 days. However, dealing with these red sores is painful. Over-the-counter medications can help relieve symptoms. If your canker sore is big or hurts so much that you can’t eat, visit your nearby dentist immediately.

3. Scarlet Fever You can get a red, swollen tongue with bumps due to scarlet fever. It is a bacterial infection that can also result in skin rash and fever. Although it is contagious, it is mild and treated with antibiotics.

4. Traumatic Fibroma People who chew on the inside of their cheeks or wear dentures can experience traumatic fibroma. It looks like a smooth, pink raised bump on your tongue that can worsen with repeated irritation. Your dentist might recommend a biopsy to make sure the pimple on your tongue is a non-cancerous growth. Afterward, they can remove it surgically and advise you to avoid habits that can cause it.

5. Allergies Your body might be allergic to some food, resulting in a swollen, bumpy tongue. If your tongue starts swelling immediately, it can signify ‘anaphylaxis’, a dangerous reaction. If you have swelling in lips, mouth, or tongue, breathing difficulties, and develop sudden hives or rash – get immediate medical attention.

6. Tongue Injuries Accidentally biting your tongue or burning it from hot beverages or food can make it swollen and bumpy. Tongue bumps due to injury are not that serious, but they can be painful. Visit your doctor for treatment, especially if you have unbearable pain.

7. Oral Cancer Oral cancer is rare, but a pimple on the tongue that just won’t go away can indicate this condition. If you have a tongue bump that grows on the side of your tongue and causes no pain, it is better to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Cancerous bumps can become painful as the condition progresses. Moreover, they might bleed at a touch if they appear on the front of your tongue.

Your doctor will first confirm the condition with the help of a biopsy. Then, they will proceed with the necessary treatment if it is confirmed.

What’s the Takeaway?

A pimple on your tongue can be due to many reasons, including lie bumps, canker sores, scarlet fever, traumatic fibroma, allergies, tongue injury, and rarely, oral cancer. Maintaining your oral hygiene can aid in preventing a lot of causes. Drop by your dentist if you notice a tongue bump that does not go away within two weeks. Our experts at, Angleton Family Dental can help. Dial 979-308-4450 to schedule an appointment.

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