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You might have heard a lot about wisdom teeth, the third molars that erupt in the late teens to twenties. Some people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, while others don’t. Thus, dentists suggest surgical extractions for those experiencing complications due to their third molars. However, many people ask: can wisdom teeth grow back?

Wisdom teeth cannot grow back after extraction. Although, for some people, more wisdom teeth grow than the typical four. Known as supernumerary wisdom teeth, they develop after the original third molar has been removed.

In this blog, we’ll discuss more on wisdom teeth. Carry on reading to learn.

What to Do if You Have More than Four Wisdom Teeth?

As discussed above, some people grow more than four wisdom teeth. So, wisdom teeth can’t grow back, but you might have an additional one. You can think of it as a mutation that occurs in some people. Still, the chances of supernumerary wisdom teeth are very rare. Your dentist can conduct dental X-rays to see if you have extra wisdom teeth growing in. This can help you in the following ways:

  • Tell you if you need medical tests are necessary since teeth might hint at genetic conditions
  • Warn you regarding any oral health conditions that might occur and cause pain, orthodontic issues, and more
  • Help you mentally and physically prepare for any oral surgeries that might be required, like extraction

When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There’s not enough space in our jaw to accommodate four wisdom teeth. Due to this, the additional molars are unable to move into position because other teeth are in the way. Moreover, the wisdom teeth might align horizontally, and the insufficient space might prevent them from emerging from the jawbone. As a result, you might get impacted wisdom teeth, which brings much discomfort. In these cases, you might need wisdom tooth extraction.

You might experience stiffness and pain in your jaw. Furthermore, you could suffer from swollen, infected, or inflamed gum tissues. Your oral surgeon will instruct you on the aftercare after they remove the teeth. The recovery will depend on the specific case and will take around two to ten days. In addition, your dental specialist can remove any extra wisdom teeth they spot as well.

Do Wisdom Teeth Grow Back?

So, can wisdom teeth grow back? It is quite rare for supernumerary wisdom teeth to grow. Many people don’t even have all four wisdom teeth, so the chances of an additional tooth coming in are very low. Thus, it’s not likely that extra teeth are just waiting to grow in. This only happens once, when you grow permanent teeth after losing the baby teeth. However, no teeth are waiting to grow after the third molars are extracted.

In short, wisdom teeth cannot grow back, although some individuals notice supernumerary wisdom teeth. It’s important to note here that extra teeth not only grow as wisdom teeth; they can grow anywhere. This condition is known as hyperdontia.

What Should I Do Now?

In conclusion, wisdom teeth cannot grow back. If you notice an additional molar, visit your dentist for consultations. Our expert dental specialists at Angleton Family Dental can help you get rid of your dental issues. Visit us at 1124 N. Velasco St., Suite C, Angleton, TX 77515. You can also talk to us at (979) 308-4450 to schedule an appointment.

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